belma kapetanovic



Alongside my graphic design practice I have developed ‘Interiors by Element,’ a luxury homewares brand inspired by the hidden beauty of the natural world. The products are bold and imaginative while retaining a refreshing, contemporary feel that makes them ideally suited to stylish modern interiors.

I have worked on all aspects of the business including product design, branding and promotion. Shown here are the logo and responsive website which display a light, airy feel that exemplifies the contemporary, artistic nature of the brand. The three motifs in the logo (honeycomb, branch and maze) express the idea that all aspects of the natural world, from the very large to the very small, can be broken down into several basic shapes - thus alluding to the intriguing, abstract nature of the print designs on the products.

You can view the live website at

Role: Concept, photography art direction, design, UI/UX, development